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Please Visit our Booking Page for a full list of FAQ's with regards to Bookings

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Bali Babysitting -List of Questions

TIP: Please Visit our Booking Page for a full list of FAQ's with regards to Bookings

Our nannies have a minimum booking time of 4 hours and a maximum booking time of 12 hours per day. With the exception of live in nannies, most customers ask our nannies to arrive around 10am (this is when the shops and services open in Bali) and stay throughout the day until after dinner time. Some prefer to have their nanny start in the afternoon until later at night. You can adjust the start times of each day directly with you nanny. Our nannies are flexible and are happy to fit in with your arrangements.

Our nannies are happy to look after 2 children at one time. If your children are older and only require supervision, 3 children are allowed. Contact us with your specific requirements on the Bookings page.
Pricing can be found on the Bookings page of our website. A deposit is required to secure your booking.
Our nannies are happy to prepare meals for the children at your direction. This includes feeding infants. We ask that you plan your meals in advance and have all the necessary ingredients for the nanny to feed your children adequately. Our nannies are not allowed to take the children out to lunch / dinner unless you specifically request this, the restaurant is in the hotel / resort and the children are of a reasonable age. If this is the case, we ask that you inform the hotel / resort prior that the nanny will be bringing the children to lunch / dinner and it will be charged to your room.
Our most popular option is a live out nanny for up to 12 hours per day. Choosing a live in or live out nanny can depend on various factors. They include the age of your children and how much supervision they will require, where you are staying and your travel plans. We can advise you on pricing and availability and the best scenario for your requirements.
Live in nannies are very common in Bali and you must provide the nanny with their own room or a room they can share with the children. If you hire a live in nanny you must also provide all meals and refreshments- (a small meal like nasi goreng is sufficient in most cases). Live in nannies are also to be provided with 1 x 1/2 day off in a period of 7 days paid.
Yes! In fact, we highly recommend this. Most Kids Clubs will not allow children under the age of 3 years to be left alone at a Kids Club without a nanny with them. We recommend you check with the Kids Club your children will be attending about the age limits.
Our nannies have looked after children of all ages and adapt easily. This can include outdoor activities, walks on the beach, swimming in the pools or simply playing computer games and watching movies. Our nannies are happy to follow your direction on these activities and what you would and wouldn't like the children to participate in.
Our nannies provide ALL services when looking after your children. These include nappy changing, feeding, bathing, general hygiene, playing, reading, bedtime routines and general supervision. We ask that you give your nanny as much information about your children's normal routine to keep things as consistent as possible.
We recommend that you use Bali Baby for all your baby equipment needs in Bali. Bali Baby is a western owned and operated company that provides excellent service to travelers to bali. All of the baby equipment is super clean, imported into Bali and meets Australian Safety Standards. Helena and her team will be happy to help you out with any questions you may have.
Again, this is a personal choice. There can be advantages and disadvantages to both. We recommend that you assess your needs and look into both. We highly recommend Nina's Bali Villas or Bali Soul Villas. Both agencies are Australian Owned, have a wide selection of villas in all main tourist areas of Bali and these agencies offer a wonderful service.